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Semi Permanent


Semi-permanent make-up is a complexion treatment to enhance eyes, brows and lips resulting in a flawless finish without a fuss.


Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi permanent makeup is an advanced form of tattooing. However unlike traditional tattooing, we do not infuse the pigments as deeply into the skin, so the results we achieve do not have the permanency of a conventional tattoo.


The specialised techniques used for semi permanent makeup are also referred to as permanent cosmetics, permanent makeup, micropigmentation and cosmetic tattooing.

Tired of putting on your makeup every morning? Want to look flawless 24/7? Semi permanent makeup is a perfect solution!

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Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent make-up is a complexion treatment to enhance eyes, brows and lips resulting in a flawless finish without a fuss. This technique involves injecting pharmaceutical grade pigment through a fine vibrating needle into the most superficial layers of the skin.


A local anaesthetic cream numbs the area pre-treatment. The colour only penetrates 0.2mm deep and unlike a tattoo it fades with time. The end product is defined eyebrows, wide awake eyes and fuller lips morning, noon and night.


Semi-permanent make-up offers an ideal solution for those who want to shave time off their beauty routine or suffer from conventional makeup. 


Whether you need a few subtle touches or a full glamorous effect, at Vitaboost we aim to address all of your makeup needs with care, precision and expertise.

Semi-Permanent Makeup Menu


All treatments require a patch test to be carried out at least

24 hours before any permanent makeup is applied.


Patch Test


A patch test is required at least 24 hours before any and all of our semi-permanent makeup treatments. Your safety is our priority, and this test will ensure that you won't have a negative reaction to our pigments.

(10 mins)


Lip Contour

(with shading)

Our expert contouring treatments can add shape and definition to your lip line. Our artistic contouring can be used to correct irregularities in your lip shape, and skilful use of colour can bring a plumper appearance to your lips overall.

(est. 2hrs)



Eyebrow Treatments

Hair Stroke Method


Super-fine strokes will resemble the look of single natural, eyebrow hairs. We always plan the drawing of the new strokes, and they will be different for each client.


(est. 2hrs)


Shading Method


Instead of creating the illusion of individual hairs, microshading fills in the entire brow with light pigmentation through the use of a fine tipped needle.

(est. 2hrs)



Hair Strokes with Shading

A combination of the above methods, we will plan and expertly choose which strokes to use on different parts of the brow, to result in a natural and flawless look.

(est. 2hrs)


Eyebrows Ombre

This type of brow enhancement provides the softest and most subtle shadow of colour, carefully applied to replicate the use of powder or pencil. Suitable for any age and all skin types.

Ombré is the newest look when it comes to brows, providing you with a high-style finish that is sleek, classy and sharply defined.

(est. 2hrs)



Eyeliner Treatments

Decorative Upper

Make hearts skip a beat with butterfly effect semi-permanent eyeliner. Draw attention to your most significant assets, and get noticed wherever you go. This shape is so hard to apply yourself, but with our help you can flash it every single day.

The perfect permanent eyeliner can be slightly smudged on the eyelid area and this is to mimic the effect of an eyeshadow. The colour scheme is usually pre-selected at the initial consultation.

(est. 2hrs)


Decorative Upper & Lower

This treatment combines the above-mentioned upper eyeliner method with enhancement of your lower lash line.

(est. 2hrs)


Smokey Eyeliner

A soft smokey eye can be added to define and re-shape your eyes. You will go to bed looking as hot as you did during the day. No more smudging, no more time spent drawing it on, no more worrying about it coming off. 

(est. 2hrs)


Eyeliner: Upper Only

Pigment and definition is added above the lashline, giving the illusion that your lashes are full.


Rather than having to draw a liquid eyeliner on every day, or having smudged eyeliner, this solution lasts you all year without any hassle.

(est. 2hrs)


Eyeliner: Upper & Lower

This treatment combines the above-mentioned upper eyeliner method with enhancement of your lower lash line.

(est. 2hrs)



Smokey Upper & Lower

We use a black shade to give depth to the eyeliner, and gradually shade it out from the corner to give a breath taking, smoky, sexy look. Never again rely on your finger, your brush or your self-control to create a 'salon smokey' look again.

(est. 2hrs)


(save £40!)

Eyeliner: Lower Only

Is your waterline letting you down? This semi-permanent treatment will help your eyeliner stay intact throughout your daily activities. Perfect for those who struggle with their eyeliner running and smudging below the lower lash line.

(est. 2hrs)


Semi-Permanent Makeup Aftercare

You may resume your normal activities straight after treatment. There may be slight swelling or redness on the area which will go down quickly. The treated area will always appear darker and more exact immediately after the treatment. This will lighten and soften over the next few days. There may be slight flaking over the area during healing.

Your semi-permanent makeup may need a completion visit 4-6 weeks after initial application of pigment, to adjust shape, colour or density.

We recommend that you return to the clinic once a year. Maintenance is minimal.


Other guidelines for getting the best from your permanent makeup will be given to you after your treatment.



  • Treated area will be more exact, dark and intense when first treated.

  • The skin will take 3-7 days to return to normal.

  • It is normal to loose 1/3 of the colour during this initial period.

  • Always use a sunscreen on make-up to prevent colour change and loss.

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